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Kanjani8 to release new single, “Tsubusa ni Koi”!

Kanjani8 is preparing to release a brand new single called “Tsubusa ni Koi“!

According to the Johnny’s Entertainment official website, the new single will be released on August 17th in two different formats: a limited CD+DVD version and a regular CD-only version. The title track will be used as the ending theme song for the upcoming drama “Zenkai Girl“, which features Aragaki Yui and Nishikido Ryo.

Check out the track list for both versions below!


< CD Track List >
01. Tsubusa ni Koi
02. I to U
03. Nanairo Parameter [regular version only]
04. Hi & high [regular version only]
05. Tsubusa ni Koi (Original Karaoke) [regular version only]
06. I to U (Original Karaoke) [regular version only]
07. Nanairo Parameter (Original Karaoke) [regular version only]
08. Hi & high (Original Karaoke) [regular version only]

< DVD Track List >
“Tsubusa ni Koi” Music Clip + Making-of Video


Source: Johnny’s Entertainment Official Website
Credit: Tokyohive

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