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which Johnny’s group would you want to be turned into a love scenario video game?

There was a Goo Ranking  which asked people “which Johnny’s group would you want to be turned into a love scenario video game?”
In the span of two weeks (the survey was carried out between October 8 – 22) 27,894 votes were submitted and see who got the most votes! :D

1. Arashi (16,908 votes)

2. NEWS (2088 votes)

3. SMAP (2050 votes)

4. Kanjani8 (1773 votes)

5. KAT-TUN (1380 votes)

6. Hey! Say! JUMP (1145 votes)

7. KinKi Kids (992 votes)

8. TOKIO (678 votes)

9. V6 (580 votes)

10. Tackey & Tsubasa (300 votes)

will arashi always take the number 1 spot with such a huge gap? *sniffs*

i thought KAT-TUN would be so appropriate for a love scenario most preferably akame but well, let the arashi fans have their fun :D *hides from arashi fans*

source & momoedgewood

Mind you, V6 had already been turned into a video game years ago.

“Project V6″ is a Playstation game that was released in 1998.

In it, the player becomes V6′s new manager and over the course of a year (in the game) you have to help the members level up on their singing and dancing to make them a successful boy band.

imagine other JE groups having their own PS games with dating & stuffs XDD that would be a great hit! XDD

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