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Kanjani8’s Murakami Shingo and Yokoyama Yuu become variety show sub-MCs

Kanjani 8 members Murakami Shingo and Yokoyama Yuu have just been confirmed as sub-MCs for a new television program titled, “Hiru Nan Desu!”

“Hiru Nan Desu!” is said to be a variety show that aims to put the “fun” in “noon,” and is generally marketed to men and women between the ages of twenty and forty years old. Activities on the show will include a gourmet cooking showdown, a sport section, the latest fashion and entertainment news, and a quiz-style introduction sequence for a variety of fun things to watch. The program will be hosted by comedian Nanbara Kiyotaka, assisted by Miura Asami, and begins broadcasting on March 28th.

“I feel nervous since it’s a live broadcast, but it’ll be fun,” said Murakami of their new noontime television show appearance. Yokoyama also chipped in, “When I first heard that I was going to be appearing (on the show), I was really shocked. Since (noon) is a timeslot when people of all age groups will be watching, I hope to try my hardest and show (viewers) a new side of us.”

A different sub-MC will appear each day, with Endou Shouzou (Mondays), Watabe Ken (Tuesdays), Tsuruno Takeshi (Wednesdays), and Hisamoto Masami (Fridays), also confirmed for appearances on the show. Murakami and Yokoyama will only appear on the Thursday episodes of “Hiru Nan Desu!”.

“When (Yokoyama) and I went together to the shooting location, I was so happy. I was worried that the studio would be really rough… I wanted to film in a nice and comfortable place (lol),” laughed Murakami, excited for his upcoming role as sub-MC. “Since we’ve been put in charge of Thursdays, I’m going to try the best I can so that when you see Kanjani, you recognize us and say, ‘They’re on every week for half an hour!’”

Source: Yahoo! Japan, Tokyohive

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