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~Endless Summer~

**~akame's kizuna~**

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Endless Summer

Hello :D
I made this account to make updates on Johnny's i'm familiar with. I also post some random stuffs in here.

Basic info about me:

•My real name is Joan but I you can call me j-chan since that's what they call me in my facebook page.
•I breathe Kamenashi Kazuya.
•I still see Akanishi Jin as the A of KAT-TUN.
•Certified Akame shipper.
•KAT-TUN is my fandom.
•i love to make friends but do remember that i rarely add back if you just added me without any hi or hello. :D

Well, i guess that's the important stuffs. :D

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"It doesn’t matter how difficult reality can be, I won’t care. Because I’m prepared to continue going forward."
-- Kamenashi Kazuya

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